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Settle Down Scrooge! Gifts to Give Yourself For Shopping For Others.

Your sweet little feet have hit the ground running to fill your loved one’s stockings with balms, perfumes, gifts and candy.  Why not lift your own spirits with a little retail therapy for yourself?  This is a time to take advantage of all of those holiday sales to stock up on items that usually put a little dent in the bank.  I sure did.

Derma Darling’s scrooge defying- shameless- self love christmas list:

Sephora's Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set ($145) Got it for $60! Shameless self indulgence is not a bad thing.

Express - High waisted belted pencil skirt in nude. $48. Timeless! Just like your gorgeous face.

Guess Carlisan Classic Red Pump. $69. This will never go out of style and is the perfect shade of red to keep you from being too entirely tawdry.

Express Fishnet Full Tights in Nude. $11.83. It is OK to feed an obsession with hosiery. Merry Christmas to me! 🙂