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Sugarcoated Darling!

How sweet it is to slow down and wallow in all things girly.  I booked an appointment for my classic 1920’s style manicure at the adorable little boutique nail salon, Sugarcoat.   Free valet, a bottle of vino, and a meticulous manicure  do great things for the soul, and I would venture to say there is no better place in Atlanta to make that happen.   This sassy little gem in the heart of a city that boasts a nail salon on every corner is a breath of fresh air with it’s pink decor, chandeliers, and cult products.  Not only do the gorgeous girls with perfect eyebrows give the most sanitary manicure I have ever had, they send you home with a little pink pouch with your own file and buffer so that they are never shared!  It is day 4 of fanatical handwashing  since my mani and there is not a chip in sight!

Total skin makeover in under a week

  Please welcome your newest secret weapon against skin sabotaging pigment, expression lines, and large  pores.  The VI Peel is the new sweetheart of anti-aging skin care enthusiasts everywhere.   This is the first medium depth skin peel that is perfect for all skin types.  A combination of phenol, salicylic acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A work synergistically to give you beautiful, radiant skin in only 7 days.  This is the only product on the market that can promise dramatic results in a single week. 

This hot little peel is virtually painless and will only take about 20 minutes in my chair.  Within three days you’ll peel like a snake, but you should be over the peeling by day 5.  You will want to schedule your VI peel keeping in mind the worst peeling will be on days 3-4.