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12 ways to stay sexy Christie Brinkley style

“It has become irrelevant to me. I just don’t feel like that number is representative of my spirit, of my energy or anything…I love to fill my life with adventures.”

There is no denying the radiance that 59 year old Christie Brinkley exudes.  This gal just oozes a lust for life.  She is no stranger to adventure, and that just may be one of the most important elements in her quest for youth.  Folks that maintain that awe and wonder of life create a state of agelessness for themselves.  Botox can battle the lines and filler can boost the cheeks, but there is no miracle drug to get that sparkle in the eye.  Make a conscious effort everyday to switch up your routine, learn something new, and adjust your perspective.  According to Dr. Leon Seltzer there are 12 ways to achieve agelessness :

  1.  Maintain an Outlook of Innocence, Wonder, and Awe.
  2. Give Rein to Your Feelings of Curiosity.
  3. Foster a Carefree Sense of Adventure.
  4. Take Your Responsibilities Lightly.
  5. Dare to be More Spontaneous, Adaptable, and Open to Change.
  6. Consciously Cultivate Silliness.
  7.  Indulge Your Sense of Humor.
  8. Stay as Active—and Productive—as Possible.
  9. Travel—Both Outwardly and Inwardly.
  10. Become a Lifelong Learner.
  11.  Be more flexible and open-minded.
  12. Cultivate Your Creativity and Self-Expression.