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Age Sexy! Top Ten Commandments.

Helen Mirren rocks the sexy at 60 vibe!

I have so many clients in their 50s and 60s that are truly sexy and inspiring.  Working with them has taken my fear of aging and shook it out like a dirty rug.  I have interviewed many of these little foxes about how they have aged so sexy, and there are common denominators!  We must listen to our bodies and learn to play them like the fine instruments they are.

We now know that inflammation wreaks havoc on our poor little bodies.  Inflammation is a cellular response caused by the body’s defense mechanism that also speeds up aging!  Aging can be a beautiful and sexy maturation if you take control of your habbits and live with awareness.

The Age Sexy Top Ten Commandments:

I.   Stop smoking– this includes tobacco and various weed varietals.  If you have smoked in your youth, load up on antioxidants to assist your body in it’s recovery.  None of my foxy 60 year old clients are smokers.

II.  Exercise–  The gals that I work on that make me excited to turn 50 are all heavy exercisers.  Some are champion ice skaters, alot of pilates junkies, and they sure don’t back down from the 60 minutes a day rule.

III.  Take time for yourself–  Make time to exercise, eat well, take a bath, travel, get a massage.  Know when to call the calendar full.

IV.  Maintenance and shameless self preservation–  These gorgeous gals are in to see me often for skin resurfacing, cellulite smoothing, photo rejuvenation and medical grade skin care.  They don’t think of it as anything more than maintenance.  Make a budget and alow yourself a little Botox a few times a year and a resurfacing treatment once or twice a year.

V.  Diet–  A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low on inflammatory foods such as dairy, meat, and gluten will keep you glowing and your skin smooth well into the golden years.  Drink no less than 9 glasses a day of water.

VI.  Manage Stress–  Take yoga, indulge in a therapist (your hair stylist doesn’t count), take lots of time to be with your friends and family, leave work at work, and cut out caffeine.

VII.  Give Freely &  share your blessings– Don’t just count your blessings but share them.  The women I interviewed were all altruistic in one form or another.  Some run charity organizations, while others leave amazing tips to their service providers (thank you very much!)

VIII.  Skin Care–  Tretinoin, Vitamin C, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Obagi’s Elastiderm Eye Treatment + monthly rendevous with your esthetician =  Perfectly ageless skin.

IX.  Sun Protection–  If there was one piece of advice my sassy age-less clients would give you it is to stay out of the sun so that you don’t have to spend all the money they have had to spend to clean up the resulting mess!  Sunspots age you quicker than any thing.

X.  Alcohol– Practice moderation.  My gals aren’t afraid to knock back a glass of bubbly every now and then, but you won’t find them nursing a hang-over.

Salicylic acid kicks acne in the teeth, but what about wrinkles?

Even Megan Fox battles the skin gods. Salicylic acid peels should be in her arsenal.

Dubbed by cosmetic chemists on the well toured Chemists Corner blog as ” The most versatile [topical compound] for cosmetic formulators”, this feisty little acid is a gold standard for acne control with anti aging benefits.  Salicylic Acid or Beta Hydroxy Acid   (BHA) has been proven to stand up against Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, lactic, citric, and tartaric acids) when it comes to skin cell turnover and improving skin tone and texture.  How does it work and who will it work for?  BHA is oil soluble and penetrates that slick layer covering oily skin in order to get deep into the pores for exfoliation and to speed up skin cell turnover. For comparison, AHAs such as glycolic acid are water-soluble and better suited for dry, weathered, sun damaged skin that has been thickened with the elements and genetics.  So, yes!, Salicylic Acid (BHA) exfoliates to not only reduce acne but over time helps to reverse photo damage and smooth pesky wrinkles as well.

Great salicylic Acid products and chemical peels to clear your skin and soften those lines:

PCA Clarifying Mask and the PCA Pumpkin Peel

Obagi Clenziderm 2% salicylic Acid treatment

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

V.I. Peel

Derma Doctor Aint Misbehavin’ Serum

Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 Voted #1 by SELF Magazine Readers | Obagi

“Best Sunscreen for Face, SPF 50+: Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50″- Self Magazine 

Self Magazine Voted our Best Selling Obagi Sunscreen #1 because of it’s great texture!  Just in time for beach season.  This is certainly something to toss in your bag for prevention of gross sun damage….just think- no wrinkles, no sunspots!  Top of the line sun protection is one of  the Derma Darling secrets to aging sexy.  Get addicted to this elegant little tube of wonders.

This firming wonder “felt exactly like a really nice moisturizer, not a thick sunscreen. And it’s SPF 50! What more could I want?” a pleased tester asks.”

The woes of Tretinoin

So, you are on Tretinoin and your face is a mess.  Redness and peeling around the mouth, fine lines around the eyes, a new breakout, and cracking make up are par for the course during the first 12 weeks.  What’s a social butterfly to do?  Follow these tips to get through the “transformation” phase-

1.  If your skin is the least bit wet when you slather on your “tret”, it will increase absorption and be far more irritating.  Wash your face, dry well, and then wait a good 10 minutes to apply.

2.  Make sure to measure your tret and use Obagi’s blender with it.  If you use more than recommended, you will be wretched with cracked skin.

3.  You maybe excited to see results, but for your sanity do not apply more frequently than every 72 hours for the first 2 weeks.  Increase frequency every 2 weeks until you can tolerate every night.  Some people, like yours truly, will not ever be able to tolerate this heavy weight anti ager every night.  Don’t rush it!

4.  Take advantage of Obagi’s Tolereen or an over the counter hydrocortizone cream if you become very irritated.  Don’t use it for more than a day or two because frequent use of hydorcortizone will thin your skin and actually increase the potential for irritation.

Dealing with the mid-day wily cracking makeup shenanigans

~ Gently massage your face in the shower to remove some of the dead skin (very gently!- I normally never recommend manual exfoliation with tret, but you are going to do it any ways, so you might as well know how to do it safely:) 

~ Dry your skin and apply your AM obagi system or whatever skin care line you are using ending with a great sunscreen.

~  Apply your make-up.  I recommend a nice mineral make-up like Glo-minerals or Jane Iredell for their amazing ability to conceal redness.  Use a light hand to avoid the dry cakey look. 

~  You may notice some peeling or cracking around the mouth/nose in about 4-5 hours.  Go to the powder room and apply the Obagi moisturizing cream Action and touch up your mineral makeup. 

I hope these tips help with the aggravation of starting tretinoin.  The results and benefits make it so worth it.  Everyone over the age of 25 should have this in their prevention routine.

Disclaimer:  These are tips that I have discovered to work for me and my clients over the past couple of years.  Please consult your doctor or nurse.  There are different methods and beliefs regarding the protocol and efficacy of using tretinoin with other skin care lines.

Prevention: The real fountain of youth

In your 20’s, your skin should be of upmost concern, right up there with building your career and establishing your future.  The only way to ensure a graceful saunter into your 30s and 40s is to prevent those crows feet and sun spots now.  Your future self will thank you.  So, what number one product should be in your skin care arsenal against the cold back hand of age?

  Sunscreen.  Not just the drugstore mass marketed junk that claims SPF 100.  Not just any pasty white cream past SPF 30 is going to protect you and your beloved skin, so you must be a label whore (pardon my language).  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a broad spectrum sunscreen offering protection against UVA and UVB rays.  Look for these skin savers in the ingredient list:  avobenzone (also known as Parsol 1789), ecamsule (also known as Mexoryl), titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.   

Derma Darling recommended sunscreens:

Obagi Skin Balancing Sun Protection SPF 30

Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35

PCA- Perfecting Protection SPF 30

ColorScience PRO- spf 30 brush

  I am a huge fan of Obagi’s Nu-Derm sunscreen.  It’s not only part of my A.M. routine, but I carry it with me at all times.  It won’t clog your pores and, amazingly, makes a great primer for your make-up.  For touch ups during the day, you can’t beat the Colorscience Pro brush- just dust it on and go.