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Gemini’s Hot Little Beauty Horoscope

Your childlike fascination with the world around you has you pondering where your life is headed and what the meaning of it all is, you must remember that you have options!  You are full of life and vitality right now as you take on the world like it’s a piece of cake!  Put more emphasis on networking this month as more and more opportunities will fall in your lap, especially since your witty charm makes you the center of attention.   Since you are feeling so fabulous and unstoppable, consider adding a little flair to your wardrobe!  Something feminine yet powerful and hell, why not be a little quirky…If you’ve got it, you’ve got it!  Try a cute high fashion version of the bowtie with an ultra femme skirt on your next after work drink date.  Since you are on top of the world right now, you may not have time in your busy schedule for down time for skin maintenance such as with a chemical peel or laser treatment.  Put that on hold till fall and look into Obagi’s C-RX system for gals on the go that can’t deal with flaking but want a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.   Also, your mate could be needy this month since you are jet setting the social scene.  Take a minute to let them know that you care.  Enjoy this hot month Gemini!

Finally, The Anti-aging Laser Treatment for Skin of Color

You are right to be wary of a laser beam pointed at that delicate dark skin of yours.  The increased risk of scarring and keloids are extremely high in light brown to dark brown skin.  Melanocyte reactivity and fibroblast reactivity demand respect when undergoing rejuvenation procedures.  Take heart, that fibroblast reactivity makes you a great candidate for skin tightening with infrared laser technology because you have the ability to build more collagen quicker than your paler counterparts.  In fact, dark skin responds better to this treatment than any 0ther skin type!  Finally, an anti-aging laser treatment specifically for dark skin types! 

How does it work?

We slowly heat the skin to cause inflammation to the dermis while leaving the epidermis unscathed with a series of treatments.  3- 6 months after your treatments, new collagen formation has caused that lovely little lift in the neck, jaw, smile lines, and around the eyes.

Does it hurt?

Not at all.  Clients describe a sensation similar to a hot stone massage.

Is there any downtime?

Absolutely not.  This is truly a lunch time procedure. – providing you have a 2 hour lunch to account for the 45 minute procedure and the time it takes to reapply makeup and eat a turkey sandwich on whole wheat while braving Atlanta’s lunch hour traffic crunch.

~  Laser treatments on skin of color  whether you are Hispanic, Asian, Indian or African American carry serious risks of pigmentation changes and keloid scar formations.  Please ensure that your medical esthetics professional has loads of experience and has been specifically trained in safely treating darker skin types IV-VI.

Taurus Beauty Horoscope

Happy Birthday Taurus! 

Take heart precious bull, while this month will put you face to face with your need to make some difficult changes in your life, you are strong willed and it will be the start of something beautiful that will last for many years.  Use this month’s restlessness to your advantage- even though you may be afraid take the leap!  It may be a stormy month but your sexiness is at an all time high.   Now is the time to make a drastic change in your appearance so if you’ve been wondering whether to go platinum blonde or raven black with your hair, do it!  Your air of confidence will only intensify if you take charge of those little wrinkles that are starting to appear around your eyes from all of the weariness this past year.  Your beauty homework- Resurface your face with a Pixel Perfect laser treatment.

Put Some Icing On Your Cake!


  Many of you have reached long sought after weight loss goals quickly and are ready for the next level of transformation.  The next logical step is facial rejuvenation.    Innovative and advanced laser treatments can be the icing on your cake if you are committed to making a big change in your appearance.

You can completely transform your skin into smoother, clearer, tighter skin with esthetic laser services including treatments for fine lines, large pores, sun spots, loose skin and unwanted hair.  Fractionated laser resurfacing, skin tightening, and photo-rejuvenation are gold standards for stimulating collagen formation and cleaning up sun damage.   Lasers should be in the arsenal of everyone who is interested in keeping a youthful face.

Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 Voted #1 by SELF Magazine Readers | Obagi

“Best Sunscreen for Face, SPF 50+: Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50″- Self Magazine 

Self Magazine Voted our Best Selling Obagi Sunscreen #1 because of it’s great texture!  Just in time for beach season.  This is certainly something to toss in your bag for prevention of gross sun damage….just think- no wrinkles, no sunspots!  Top of the line sun protection is one of  the Derma Darling secrets to aging sexy.  Get addicted to this elegant little tube of wonders.

This firming wonder “felt exactly like a really nice moisturizer, not a thick sunscreen. And it’s SPF 50! What more could I want?” a pleased tester asks.”

Sugarcoated Darling!

How sweet it is to slow down and wallow in all things girly.  I booked an appointment for my classic 1920’s style manicure at the adorable little boutique nail salon, Sugarcoat.   Free valet, a bottle of vino, and a meticulous manicure  do great things for the soul, and I would venture to say there is no better place in Atlanta to make that happen.   This sassy little gem in the heart of a city that boasts a nail salon on every corner is a breath of fresh air with it’s pink decor, chandeliers, and cult products.  Not only do the gorgeous girls with perfect eyebrows give the most sanitary manicure I have ever had, they send you home with a little pink pouch with your own file and buffer so that they are never shared!  It is day 4 of fanatical handwashing  since my mani and there is not a chip in sight!

Aries Beauty Horoscope

You aren’t head over heals in lust with the fine art of organization. However, take absolute advantage of your fire to revitalize and organize your skin care routine arount the 1st. You are in the mood to reorganize your image at work and in the mirror.  Don’t ask questions just run with it.  You’ll see your latest personal endeavor take on a great shape by the 7th.  End your nights early this month because burning the candle at both ends will start to take a toll under those gorgeous eyes.  To combat the effects of your late night life style, drink more water and dab on some elastin strengthening eye cream every am and pm, try Obagi’s elastiderm eye cream. Around the 14th, get intouch with your inner girl with a stylie new manicure that you have never had before.  Try the 1920’s “half- moon mani”.  Buy the polish they use on you so that you can touch it up yourself, because this month you are totally too busy to stop!  By the 25th, your body will be begging for a good work out.  This is the time to think about doing something with that extra 5 pounds you have let take up residence on those lovely swinging hips of yours.  oh and PS:  Don’t be selfish, someone you love needs a present just because.

lines, lines, everywhere lines!

What two things top the list of concerns for my clients? Crows feet and that little devil of a line between the eybrows.  You can prevent them and correct them no matter what age or skin type.

In your 20s–  You may notice the beginnings of sun damage and slight expression lines around the eys.  Botox them into oblivion now and your 40 year old self will thank you.  Botox for prevention of lines may sound ridiculous to some people, but trust me, soften that expression a little now and you will save thousands on correction in the future.  Now is also the time to add glycolic acid and vitamin C to your regimen.

In your 30s & 40s– You may have lines with expression and maybe slight expression lines between the brow or around the eyes while you are relaxed. Again Botox makes the world go ’round.  Now is the time to be adding tretinoin to your regimen for prevention of new lines and correction of the ones that are creeping up.  A medium depth skin peel such as the VI Peel would turn back the clock for you.

In your 50s-60s – You may have lines at rest.  For god sakes don’t fret, that only creates more lines!  By now you are likely already addicted to Botox, so now is a matter of resurfacing the skin to soften and remove existing lines.  You need collagen stimulation STAT.  Medium depth peels can provide some of this collagen stimulation, but it’s time to add thermal “damage” to call that collagen to action with fractionated laser resurfacing. 

B12 with Lipotropics- Needles are sexy!


I am pulling up this saucy little red cocktail of vitamins into my syringe all day long for clients looking for an energy boost and a little bump in their fat blasting routine.  Clients brave snow, sleet, rain, and rush hour on Roswell Road to get their boost, and for good reason.  Anyone braving the cold and bitter war to fight their fat wants as many allies as possible in their defence.  B12 with Lipotropics,  Choline, Methione, and Inositol, are certainly on your side.  They team up with your liver to metabolize fat, increase your energy, and prevent the build up of fat.    If you are busting your precious booty in the gym, watching your diet/calories, and want to see results a bit more on the “now please” side, consider adding this injection to your routine once or twice a week.  Our HCG weight loss clients sing its praises for making the very low-calorie diet more tolerable.

Prevention: The real fountain of youth

In your 20’s, your skin should be of upmost concern, right up there with building your career and establishing your future.  The only way to ensure a graceful saunter into your 30s and 40s is to prevent those crows feet and sun spots now.  Your future self will thank you.  So, what number one product should be in your skin care arsenal against the cold back hand of age?

  Sunscreen.  Not just the drugstore mass marketed junk that claims SPF 100.  Not just any pasty white cream past SPF 30 is going to protect you and your beloved skin, so you must be a label whore (pardon my language).  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a broad spectrum sunscreen offering protection against UVA and UVB rays.  Look for these skin savers in the ingredient list:  avobenzone (also known as Parsol 1789), ecamsule (also known as Mexoryl), titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.   

Derma Darling recommended sunscreens:

Obagi Skin Balancing Sun Protection SPF 30

Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35

PCA- Perfecting Protection SPF 30

ColorScience PRO- spf 30 brush

  I am a huge fan of Obagi’s Nu-Derm sunscreen.  It’s not only part of my A.M. routine, but I carry it with me at all times.  It won’t clog your pores and, amazingly, makes a great primer for your make-up.  For touch ups during the day, you can’t beat the Colorscience Pro brush- just dust it on and go.