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By November 23, 2022December 25th, 2022Blog

Lines, lines, everywhere lines!

What two things top the list of concerns for my clients? Crows feet and that little devil of a line between the eyebrows. You can prevent them and correct them no matter what age or skin type.

In your 20s – You may notice the beginnings of sun damage and slight expression lines around the eyes. Botox them into oblivion now and your 40 year old self will thank you. Botox for prevention of lines may sound ridiculous to some people, but trust me, soften that expression a little now and you will save thousands on correction in the future. Now is also the time to add glycolic acid and vitamin C to your regimen.

In your 30s & 40s – You may have lines with expression and maybe slight expression lines between the brow or around the eyes while you are relaxed. Again Botox makes the world go ’round. Now is the time to be adding tretinoin to your regimen for prevention of new lines and correction of the ones that are creeping up. A medium depth skin peel such as the VI Peel would turn back the clock for you.

In your 50s-60s – You may have lines at rest. For god sakes don’t fret, that only creates more lines! By now you are likely already addicted to Botox, so now is a matter of resurfacing the skin to soften and remove existing lines. You need collagen stimulation STAT. Medium depth peels can provide some of this collagen stimulation, but it’s time to add in the big guns to call that collagen to action with medical grade microneedling and PRP.