“My Fashion Chick” shares secrets to dressing sexier every decade.

When I hit my thirties and my body started changing, my credit card took the heat! I shopped like mad to find pieces that helped me feel like the sauce pot I was.  I felt like I was going through another awkward growing phase, never sure if I was dressing too old or too young or if I should stop wearing panty hose.   Women I have talked with share the same lament no matter what decade they were entering into.  Sometimes a girl just has to get some help to keep it together, and I have  learned from a very important contact that it need not cost a fortune to look like a million bucks.   Let me introduce you to a chick that has made it into my little black book:  Jen Pascual founder of My Fashion Chick, specializing in personal shopping and wardrobe editing.  Of course I hounded the Atlantan bombshell for secrets on dressing sexy at any age.  I am very excited to be joined by Jen of My Fashion Chick in an exclusive interview for dermaDARLING readers.

Mention dermaDarling to My Fashion Chick and recieve 20% off personal shopping or wardrobe editing. How do you think celebrities look so darn good?

What do you think is the key for turning heads at any age?

The key for turning heads, at any age, is your attitude – the way you “display” yourself.  You can be wearing the most fabulous, trendy outfit but if you can’t work the attitude, your style is lost.

 What advice do you have for gals that are updating their closets and feel confused because they don’t know how to dress hot for their age?

Fashion is a lifestyle.  First, when I do Wardrobe Editing, I glance through quickly and toss out anything that looks outdated.  Then I go through for a second time and consider each piece, picture what I could pair the piece with and how I could accessorize to make it look new. Some things never go out of style; they just need to be revamped.  For example, if you are in your 40s, toss away any skirt or dress that is too short.  Wearing something to make you look younger will actually age you by about 10 years.  And we don’t want that.

 What are the key pieces any woman needs in her fashion arsenal to help her look and feel saucy?

The misconception is that you have to spend a lot on fashion when in fact you don’t. I think that every woman, at any age, should own a great pair of jeans and a trendy pair of riding boots. You can find great jeans that aren’t too pricy and look spectacular.  Women tend to think that the more expensive the item is the better it will look.  That’s not always the case.  My $15 pair of jeans look so much better than my $80 pair.  As for riding boots, it doesn’t matter what color – wear them with a tunic, leggings, the right accessories, and you’re good to go. And don’t forget about finding a hairstyle that suits you.  People forget that their hair acts as an accessory.  If you have the right cut, and great makeup, your clothing will look better.  And make you look younger.

Do you have any insider’s secrets from personal shopping?

I do but shhhhhh…most of the time there are coupons for a store.  Also, almost everything goes on sale at some point.  If you can wait, it will be worth it.  If it’s an item you fell you’ll never see again, grab it and run.  You’ll make up for the cost with a less expensive item at another time.

What are your top 10 do’s and don’t s after 40?

I don’t have any.  My rule is not to have any rules.  If you’re 40, but look 30, dress like you’re 30.  You can dress in a modified way where you don’t come off as looking absolutely ridiculous. You wear what you feel comfortable in.  If you’re wearing a miniskirt, and you’re not comfortable, people will pick up on that and it will end up making you look ridiculous.  If you can still work it, wear it.

 How do we find you on the web?

My website is http://www.myfashionchick.com. For fashion tips and tricks, follow my Facebook page My Fashion Chick.  I post outfit ideas, hair and makeup.  I offer Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Editing in the Atlanta area, Online Styling anywhere in the US, and I teach you how to shop for less on any budget.  You don’t have to spend a lot for fashion.  Fashion comes down to what you do with clothing after you purchase it.

Burning questions, comments, or desires? The floor is all yours:)

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