Salicylic acid kicks acne in the teeth, but what about wrinkles?

Even Megan Fox battles the skin gods. Salicylic acid peels should be in her arsenal.

Dubbed by cosmetic chemists on the well toured Chemists Corner blog as ” The most versatile [topical compound] for cosmetic formulators”, this feisty little acid is a gold standard for acne control with anti aging benefits.  Salicylic Acid or Beta Hydroxy Acid   (BHA) has been proven to stand up against Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, lactic, citric, and tartaric acids) when it comes to skin cell turnover and improving skin tone and texture.  How does it work and who will it work for?  BHA is oil soluble and penetrates that slick layer covering oily skin in order to get deep into the pores for exfoliation and to speed up skin cell turnover. For comparison, AHAs such as glycolic acid are water-soluble and better suited for dry, weathered, sun damaged skin that has been thickened with the elements and genetics.  So, yes!, Salicylic Acid (BHA) exfoliates to not only reduce acne but over time helps to reverse photo damage and smooth pesky wrinkles as well.

Great salicylic Acid products and chemical peels to clear your skin and soften those lines:

PCA Clarifying Mask and the PCA Pumpkin Peel

Obagi Clenziderm 2% salicylic Acid treatment

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

V.I. Peel

Derma Doctor Aint Misbehavin’ Serum

1 thought on “Salicylic acid kicks acne in the teeth, but what about wrinkles?

  1. Ken

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    If you suffer with acne, you would be better to consume all-natural, whole foods and drinks

    Make the shift to whole foods and you alter your whole life. Curing your acne will only be the start, but we won’t dwell on all the other powerful benefits. When you consume natural, your body returns to its natural, acne-free state, as simple as that. You know the drill. Fresh, raw, and if possible organic vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, seeds and nuts, purified water, and whole grains like old-fashioned oats and brown rice. But again, knowing and acting are two different things.

    There are other dos and donts that are worth mentioning, but the two we just discussed are easily the most important.


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