Hello Pillow Face! How to age yourself with injectables.

I was at dinner at Three Sheets in Atlanta the other night and
noticed a trend among my fellow swanky diners. Hyaluronic acid overdose!
Fillers galore….and it wasn’t pretty! Now, why would I make such a fuss about
over- inflated gals that could be my potential clients? … Because, I am
obsessed with education and I don’t want a bunch of miss-guided consumers out
there making a bad name for the anti-aging scene. Don’t get me wrong, I am a
big fan of injectables. There is certainly a place for the miracle plumpers
when it comes to replacing lost fat pads and filling lines. The issue is with
overfilling and starting fillers too young. Pillow face is the endearing
Hollywood pet name for celebrities that have overfilled. The cheeks are larger
than life fiercely competing with the eyes, and the nasolabial fold is nearly nonexistent
with a fairly large pucker to top it off.

How to avoid this terrible cookie cutter aging-Betty trend? The
trick is to accentuate your natural features and face shape while being careful
not to go overboard, even a little bit. More importantly know how to fight the
war, not the battle. Why do we need fillers?- because our collagen is breaking
down causing our skin to sag a bit creating deeper nasolabial folds with each
passing year. The war is not against those nasolabial folds, but the collagen
break down. Starting preventative skin care including a regimen with retinoids,
laser treatments, and chemical peels in the late twenties through the thirties
will increase collagen. If you are making up for lost time try laser
resurfacing, laser skin tightening, and IPL treatments that will surely kick
that collagen formation into high gear, and don’t be afraid of strategically
placed fillers in moderation.







Burning questions, comments, or desires? The floor is all yours:)

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