Resurface Me- Pixel Perfect

Everyone of us has that line on our forehead, around our mouths, or around our eyes that we wish we could wipe off the face of the earth.  The best thing that you can do to manage those fine lines is to resurface your skin.  Allow  me to introduce the big gun- The Pixel fractional resurfacing laser treatment.   This treatment delivers the heat to that collagen layer forcing it to bone up and smooth out.  The laser resurfaces 20% of the skin in an array of pixels while leaving untouched skin to improve healing time.  This translates to “inside” time of about 4-7 days.  Not bad considering it fills out minor acne scarring, fine lines, and stimulates collagen remodeling to tighten skin.  For it’s prime anti-aging benefits, you will need 3 treatments 3-4 weeks apart.  What to expect:

  1.  A numbing cream will be applied to your face for 15 minutes.
  2. Your face will be cleansed and degreased.
  3. Laser treatment begins.  Sensation is like a mild snap of a rubberband against your skin.
  4. After the treatment you will feel as though you have the worst sunburn of your life.  This is good because the heat is what causes the collagen to start strengthening.  If your face is on fire- Congratulations you will get a great result!
  5. You will go home with post care instructions and a skin care routine to maintain results 


2 thoughts on “Resurface Me- Pixel Perfect

  1. skin rejuvenation


    Yea… my skin feels awesome too, like a babies skin. My scarring is so much improved and i had really bad discoloration and my skin is totally evened out and looks like brand new skin.


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