Liposuction is so passé


Bathing suit season is quickly approaching and that familiar fret of how to hide certain areas of our bodies is upon us. Please welcome the answer to those age long queries.  We can now do something about that cellulite and little bit of belly fat that just won’t go away without you having to pencil in weeks of recovery.

Not only can we attack those dimples, but we can do it with FDA approved pain-free laser treatments.   Translation: smoother, tighter legs, smaller waist, and smaller bathing suit. All of this in less than 40 minutes and no downtime.   With absolutely no interruption of your life you can achieve a hotter bod. 

 The Zerona body contouring laser is the darling of body conscious celebrities, socialites, and the Pilates instructors next door.  Using a low heat laser, this treatment causes fat to leak out of its cell resulting in inches lost all over the body.  It’s a perfect treatment for those that have worked hard on their bodies and can’t seem to get to that superficial fat that lies just over the muscle.  Just 6 treatments over two weeks can give you results without the risk or stress of liposuction.  Expect a 3-9 inch total loss over your waist, thighs, and hips.

For the plague of cellulite that is all too familiar to most of us, there is Smooth Shapes.  A treatment that involves suction, laser, and light working together to reduce engorged fat cells and strengthen weak collagen. A Laser Cellulite treatment that reduces fat cells, regenerates collagen, increases circulation and restores metabolic processes to the treated area?  Sign me up. 

Burning questions, comments, or desires? The floor is all yours:)

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