Yes! we now carry the mac daddy VI Peel

This medium depth VI Peel is said to produce resurfacing results that rival laser treatments.  Virtually painless, safe, & effective on all skin types with results in one week!   This peel is my new darling. 

One for the team: 

Last Friday, our lovely VI representative came in to give us a demo, and I took one for the team.  My troubled areas were a few small crows feet and a couple of sun spots.  The gal buffed the peel solution into my skin and directly under my eyes after a quick swipe with alcohol.  It didn’t burn nearly as bad as my superficial peels because of the phenol in the peel solution.  My eyes got a bit puffy and my face looked sunburned for the rest of the day..  Day 2 my skin was brown and leathery.  Day 3 I began to peel like a snake!  Yes!  Sheets of old dead skin rolling off to reveal slightly pink line free new skin!  I peeled through day 5 and was more than thrilled with the results.  My skin is so clear and gorgeous, I’m sold.

Burning questions, comments, or desires? The floor is all yours:)

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