B12 with Lipotropics- Needles are sexy!


I am pulling up this saucy little red cocktail of vitamins into my syringe all day long for clients looking for an energy boost and a little bump in their fat blasting routine.  Clients brave snow, sleet, rain, and rush hour on Roswell Road to get their boost, and for good reason.  Anyone braving the cold and bitter war to fight their fat wants as many allies as possible in their defence.  B12 with Lipotropics,  Choline, Methione, and Inositol, are certainly on your side.  They team up with your liver to metabolize fat, increase your energy, and prevent the build up of fat.    If you are busting your precious booty in the gym, watching your diet/calories, and want to see results a bit more on the “now please” side, consider adding this injection to your routine once or twice a week.  Our HCG weight loss clients sing its praises for making the very low-calorie diet more tolerable.

Burning questions, comments, or desires? The floor is all yours:)

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