Derma Darling on Dermablading


It’s a great way to smooth the facial skin and make the application of makeup absolutely flawless.  Perfect for events or social bunnies that can’t afford the down time that comes with peels, dermablading is the darling of manual exfoliation! 

Your nurse gently glides a surgical blade over the surface of the skin to remove drab dead skin to reveal a lovely glow.  It has the added benefit of removing  vellus hair (peach fuzz).  It will grow back over 2-3 weeks, but it will not be thicker, darker, or more coarse than before. With aggressive exfoliation expect a bit of redness right after the procedure that will fade over a couple of hours and the smoothest skin of your life.  Costs vary around $60-90 depending on location and add on treatments.  This manual sloughing should be done once a month as maintenance.   Some clients flake a few days after the treatment, and it is important to keep the skin moisturized and NEVER EVER pick or pull peeling skin.  I recommend this fine facial treatment for most skin types (esp sensitive, rosacea, or Asian) as it is a great alternative to microdermabrasion.  Steer clear if you have acne.

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