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DermaDarling: Top Rated Roswell, GA Med Spa

We make your skin glow with curated skin care and collagen-boosting treatments for women that want to look naturally vibrant and anything but ordinary.




Proudly serving Roswell, Alpharetta and surrounding areas of Atlanta.


Botox & Microbotox

Microbotox and classic botox work wonders, effortlessly smoothing away lines and wrinkles. With microbotox, larger areas receive a refined touch, reducing pores and giving your face a rejuvenated glow. Experience the transformative power of these treatments for a youthful and refreshed look.



Dermal Filler and Skin Boosters

Dermal fillers and skin boosters are the secret to achieving a naturally plump and radiant complexion. With dermal fillers, enhance your features and restore volume, while skin boosters provide deep hydration for a dewy and revitalized glow.



Skin Transformation

Our treatments are carefully curated by our licensed nurse practitioner, using the latest techniques and high-end, medical-grade products to achieve real, lasting results. Choose one of our exclusive services to experience the very best in medical facial treatments and transform your skin.



Your path to looking beautiful, healthy and vibrant

The DermaDarling
Trifecta Method

The DermaDarling Trifecta is a powerful approach to achieving your best skin yet.  By combining the power of medical-grade skin care, neuromodulators like Botox, and advanced skin treatments, you’ll experience transformative results that will leave you looking and feeling your best.


Prescriptive Skin Care

Prescriptive skin care is essential for maintaining healthy, radiant skin, and can help address concerns like acne, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. Our customized approach ensures that you receive a regimen tailored to your unique needs, with products that are scientifically proven and the gold standard in the industry.


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DermaDarling Skin packages


Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world for good reason – it’s safe, effective, and can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With our expert injector, you can trust that your Botox treatment will be administered with precision and artistry, leaving you with natural-looking results that enhance your features.



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Advanced Skin Treatments

Finally, our advanced skin treatments like microneedling, microbotox and chemical peels can take your skin to the next level, promoting collagen production, reducing scarring and pigmentation, and leaving you with a glowing, youthful complexion.


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    About your provider:

    Shepherd, FNP-C

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    “Your beauty is our calling- to honor it, create it, share it, seek it, admire it, and adorn it. When you decide to have a little tox or cheek pop, that is all play. It is adornment. It is your creativity. As much as it is a serious medical treatment, it is asking the universal question, “am I beautiful?” The answer is yes.”


    Samantha is so gentle and thorough. She makes sure you are comfortable with the plan and takes the time to map everything out. I love what she has done for me!


    I always know I am in good hands with Samantha. She takes time to listen and explain things. She knows her stuff! My skin looks so much better. I have been doing my botox with her for years so I get lots of compliments.

    Mary L.